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LGIT Smart Solutions

believes it is important to give back to the community, in much the same way food that is harvested from the ground also gives nourishment back to the soil.

To this end, we offer quality, affordable and accessible training to learners from all walks of life, including those who were historically disadvantaged. We train 1,500 leaners per year, and the top 100 of these are upskilled even further, after which we help them to get jobs.

We would like to make a special note here: in all spaces and for all people, our training is imbued with quality and attention to detail. Just because you are not training in a corporate environment does not mean a drop in the value of the work offered to learners. 


Our other philanthropic endeavour is to help you develop yours

One of the shareholders of the LGIT group of companies is the Lula Legacy Trust, an educational trust that is designed to deliver an educational solution to address the skills gap in the world as a whole, but in South Africa in particular.

As a starting off point, we are offering a work-readiness programme for our first initiative.

Are you looking at creating a corporate training solution that you can offer to clients, so that they can help out in their communities and rack up some tax breaks in the process? In this two-birds-one-stone process, we can shape the right solution for you.