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The Siyakhula Centres meet a number of pressing needs of contemporary South Africa:

  • Provides affordable computer literacy training to individuals by charging a fraction of the market-related costs for Microsoft end-user training.
  • Provides accessible training with regards to the locality of the centres and the level at which the courses are pitched given that 90% of Siyakhula students are first-time computer users and non-first language English speakers.
  • Provides quality township-based training on the Microsoft platform with assessments administered by LGIT Smart Solutions
  •  Provides affordable access to the internet.
  • Creates sustainable employment through locally owned-and-managed computer centres that run as grassroots social enterprises.
  • Course content is designed as a stepping stone towards further employment, learnership, study, and/or entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Fully functioning centres run training for in excess of 1500 students per annum across 5 branches